Holidays Poetry


Christmas Poetry

(The Wedding Day)

Dennis C. Orvis

As you hold the hands and feel the hugs of family and friends,
All wishing you well on this wonderful day,
I want to share with you some thoughts of mine,
Of things I’ve learned along the way.

Marriage does not come with a guarantee for success,
It comes with new challenges every day.
It is not the start that counts so much,
It is the journey you share along the way.

You see marriage is an equal opportunity adventure
With love that’s true
For those who have joined their hearts
And face each day anew

I have learned there are no winners in an argument,
No matter how great or small,
I have learned respect of one another,
Might be the best advice of all,

And when I hold my partners hand,
Where ever we might be
I am showing all how proud I am,
My partner is there with me.

The secret to a happy marriage is no secret at all
But I want to be sure you two know it,
The key, Dear Ones, is respect for each other
And never be afraid to show it.


Dennis C. Orvis

It’s Father’s Day and like every other day the sun has yet to rise.
Later today there’ll be gifts I selected and I’ll try to look surprised.

But no gifts can match the ones I received those many years ago.
When our children were born, grandchildren too and my joy to watch them grow.

And in return I’ve tried to be there for them, whether a need or not.
It wasn’t that way when I grew up, Dad missed it all, he missed a lot.

So Father’s Day for me is always an extra special way,
To feel the love around me, making it a perfect day


Dennis C. Orvis

Awesome, simply awesome, everything is dressed in white
It snowed last night an inch or two, covering all in sight.
The old year closed out with a countdown and millions saw the big ball ignite,
An ailing Dick Clark gallantly displayed his courage late into the night.

The old year is gone while the memories live on, the pain may ever remain,
The tragedies were many all over the World and some of it will ne’er be the same.
Lives were lost by the thousands, whole families vanished with their name.
And in Iraq Americans died one or two at a time, the cost of Freedom’s game.

So 2005 is history but the pain and suffering does not end.
We ask ourselves Will this be the year? Will Peace return again?
Oh, if I had but one wish for the World, the words I already know.
That Evil and War would vanish and Good would cover the Earth like this snow.


Dennis C. Orvis

It’s a symphony by Nature as the grateful stop to hear,
Welcome raindrops bouncing on the roof are music to the ear.
It has been so dry, a record drought, a record we’d rather miss.
But now from the cloud filled Heaven the air is filled with bliss.

The ponds, rivers and lakes are the lowest we can recall,
But there is joy today all ’round us hearing the raindrops fall.
Maybe on this Thanksgiving Day with abundant thoughts of love,
Our Prayers were answered with sounds of angels dancing the roof above.

Kaboom! Kaboom! Thunder! What a glorious echoing tone.
There was a time it frightened me, at night when I was alone.
But today! Wow! It’s great music in surround.
And rainwater’s pooling where once was dusty ground.

This Thanksgiving Day in Georgia will be remembered ever long.
When drought was eased with nature’s wondrous and precious song.
As loved ones join hands ’round the table filled with favorite food,
And a thankful Prayer for rain, peace and safe return, today the world is good.
Thanksgiving Day 2007


Dennis C. Orvis

With the cars moved out and the garage cleaned a bit,
Borrowed Church tables and chairs, seating forty.
The relatives arriving, beginning to sit.
And everyone will be happy but the turkey.

It’s Thanksgiving Day, our annual get-together,
With uncles and aunts and cousins (some quirky)
Traveling here in spite of the weather
And everyone is happy but the turkey.

Everyone’s here and the food parade begins
The many oohs and aahs are smooth, not jerky

The dressing and taters and pies of pumpkin,
And everyone is smiling but the turkey.

Platters of turkey, with cranberries brings a cheer
Though the hot gizzard gravy looks slightly murky
Uncle Dan says Grace giving praise for the year
And everyone starts eating but the turkey

Oh how quiet it gets as the plates empty down
And the food disappears on this wonderful day
The smiles get wide as the deserts pass around
And everyone’s happy but the turkey. It’s gone!


Dennis C. Orvis

When the tasty nuts fall from the Pecan trees
And the colorful leaves then cover the ground,
The winds from the north sends a chilling cool breeze,
Through the barren trees, whistling a winter sound.

We pause to give thanks on this Thanksgiving Day
For our so many blessings too many to list.
With a room full of love ones, together we pray
Feeling a tug in our hearts for those we still miss.

How fortunate we are to assemble once more
Hearing activities of each and every member
From the little new born mouse, to those eighty or more
How exciting for all to share time and remember.

The tables are set, the bird’s ready for carving,
The pretty dishes of food look endless from here,
The line forms quickly, you’d think they were starving,
And we’re grateful for sure, for another great year!

When the tasty nuts fall from the Pecan trees,
We celebrate in our own traditional way,
Now dinners’ over and I’m too full to sneeze,
It is the same every year on Thanksgiving Day!


Dennis C. Orvis

I can’t wait ’til Easter morning,
How I wove the Easter Wabbit,

I wove wooking for the pretty eggs,
And every egg I find, I’ll gwabbit.


Dennis C. Orvis

It’s easy to love Thanksgiving. So many favorite foods for me.

I’ve done it again. I ate much too much. I’m so full I dare not cough.

Every year I do it and hate myself for at least a week, you see.

I stepped on my talking scale today and it said, “One of you must get off!”

July 4th, A Celebration

Dennis C. Orvis

I saw the old men slowly rise as branches of service were called
There were soldiers, flyers and marines
In their faces I see the toll of time, thinning hair, mostly bald
I wonder today if they have ever achieved their dreams.

There was silence while they rose
Followed by thunderous applause
In a theater filled with family, friends and strangers
They were applauding, showing gratitude of a thankful nation
For these old veterans, many who survived wars dangers

What stories might those old faces hold?
What events changed them forever?
We cannot know this moment in time, their inner thought
Perhaps of buddies lost in some unknown war endeavor
To save their Nation, the only reason why they fought

Later, our Flag is shown on the large picture screen
They stand, together again, though it’s not easy for a few
The symbol of freedom throughout the world is seen
Hearts are held and eyes are moist with patriotic dew

My throat tightens and a tear rolls down unashamed
While America the Beautiful if playing loud
How blessed to live in freedom, though costly gained, I, too
Am one of those old faces and I stand extremely proud.
July 4th, 2009

Blessed Thanksgiving

Dennis C. Orvis

It is Thanksgiving time again,
The cool November air surrounds us.
Decorations of cornstalks,
Colorful squash and Indian corn.

With friends and family to
Share the festivities all around us.
Wearing our brightly, colored knitted caps
And scarves to keep us warm.

Holding hands around the dinner table,
Joined in Prayer
Silence that includes loved ones,
So many miles away.

Blessings sent from heart to heart,
To those for whom we care.
In grateful reverence we treasure
This very special day.

A Valentine Song
Dennis C. Orvis

You are the reason I chase my goals
You are the strength that helps me face each day anew
You are the music in my thankful heart
You are the melody that makes my dreams come true

With you by my side problems just disappear
Walking hand in hand, pledging we’ll never part
Every day is our Valentines’ Day
Forever love and beautiful music in my heart.

The Wise Groundhog

Dennis C. Orvis

February second was groundhog day and he saw his shadow, you see,
Six more weeks of winter he said, and then he looked at me.
He cupped his paw looked straight ahead and then he whispered low
“Valentines’ Day follows mine and it is very special you know.

It’s the day you should never forget, Love’s important for sure
It should be spoken and written, for those words forever endure
Beautiful cards are very nice, candy gifts are very smart
But only the words of love will put music in ones’ heart!”

This is what the groundhog whispered to me that day.
Then he crawled back into his hole to wait for spring his way.

But I must confess what he told me, are things I already knew.

On Valentines’ Day and
every day,
it’s no secret that I Love you!
February 14, 2010

An Easter Wish for You

Dennis C. Orvis

I wish you would find an Easter egg so
Enormously big you could never lift it alone

I mean an egg so humongous you
Would have to roll it home

It would be painted so wonderful
Michelangelo would cringe with artistic envy

And it would be filled with
The worlds’ greatest chocolate there can be

And then I hope you will call your friends
Especially me

And we would share a terrific Easter,
Around the yum yum tree

The Fourth of July
Dennis C. Orvis

The fourth of July will be here soon,
Anticipation is running high.

And my mind drifts back into the past,
When fireworks beautified the night sky.

I’m sure my hometown had July fourth
Celebrations, but details are not very clear

A parade I guess, veterans with flags,
Marching bands, fire truck in the rear.

Strange, actually, from my early years,
I don’t recall any fireworks displays

My hometown was small and I am not sure
What it could afford in those days

Community events were well attended though
There was no television, you see

I believe people were more patriotic
Americans in WWII, fighting for liberty

Today there is turmoil about the flag
And Prayer in schools abound

Unemployment, housing, energy and more
Ignored, illegal immigrants, Arizona stands alone

The Fourth of July will be here soon
Millions of flags will be flying high

There will be many parades
Great fireworks with red, white and blue glare

I will stand tall with my hand over my heart
It will cause once again a tear in my eye
The hope of the world is a strong America
America needs Americans to once again, care.
Rebel and the Fourth of July

Dennis C. Orvis

Our family had a miniature white poodle; he lived
thirteen years, a wonderful pet

There’s some argument still over who trained who;
But I think that he trained us would be a fair bet

We called him Rebel. One time our son was playing
and chased Rebel with a cap shooting gun

Rebel ran hard under a bed, shaking like a leaf in the wind,
the game wasn’t any fun

Rebel was a quick learner and for the rest of his life
it was a noise he did not forget

With the first bang or boom on the Fourth of July,
he’s under the bed as far as he can get

While the bangs and booms continued throughout
the day and night

Under the bed, is where he would stay,
shaking with all his might

The Fourth of July was a holiday our Rebel truly did fear
Only when it was over, our Rebel would finally reappear.

Halloween – Help!

Dennis C. Orvis

Have you noticed the coolness of the night air?
Have you seen scarecrows appearing everywhere?
On the porches and in the swings
In the flowerbeds where the blackbird sings

Pumpkins, too, are everywhere
Golden orange big and small
Some are carved with toothless grins
And some have no face at all

It’s October and the neighborhood
Is putting on a scary face
I have seen a few bales of hay
As Halloween players take their place

To set the stage, the full moon is hiding
Behind dark clouds swirling in high wind
Looking much like goblins flying on brooms
Shadows race the land; now my nerves are thin

My eyes and ears are playing tricks
What was that? Did I hear an eerie scream?
Did something run behind that tree?
I’m terrified, so wild every Halloween

Everywhere I look, ghosts are looking at me.
From every tree, every house and dark windows, too
Black cats chasing and howling dogs; my feet won’t run
911! Please Help! I don’t know what to do!

No Place to Hide

Dennis C. Orvis

I know it’s Halloween, ’cause I have this feeling something’s watching me.
I’ve got goose bumps; my hair is standing, my imagination is running wild.
I see shadows dancing all around, something’s lurking behind that big oak tree
In the dark night the hidden owl says, “Whooo!” and my nerves have been beguiled.

Witches are flying through the night and bats I can’t see are fluttering their wings near me
I am shaking like a leaf, perspiration on my brow. Did you hear a screeching cat?
The wind is whistling through the autumn trees filling the air with noisy leaves and whirlwinds I cannot see.
Will this evening ever end? Halloween is not my friend. I wonder if I can hide inside my hat?

Before the Great Annual Ball

Dennis C. Orvis

I inserted the key in the lock of the well-designed oversized door
I heard the click and it opened to the buildings’ hall

I entered the dark lobby, forewarned a flashlight would be needed
To find the electrical panel on the maintenance area wall

As I flicked each switch, darkness raced from the spacious room
Leaving behind a magnificent hall with tables and chairs in disarray

While I scanned the hall slowly looking for a place to begin
A helper arrived and I remembered we have to get done today

The first chore was to position the tables in a horseshoe from the stage
Then we put folding chairs around each table for eight

Next we set-up display tables which will greet tomorrow’s guests
And then a dozen ladies from the Guild arrived to decorate

They placed white slipcovers over the backs of the folding chairs
And put colored cloths on the twenty tables adding beauty to the room

Red, orange, yellow, blue and green, with matching wide bands on the chairs
With every addition the beauty grew like flowers in bloom

Ten four by eight foot painted boards surrounded the colorful tables
Displaying pictures promoting and enhancing this years theme

Of great fun at the beach for each and everyone to enjoy
Now fancy centerpieces complete the picture like a dream

So pretty! The preparation is over. The work is all done
A thing of beauty it is, thanks to volunteers, one and all

The annual banquet event will be a smashing success
A tribute to planning and effort Before the Great Annual Ball.

The Valentine Dance

Dennis C. Orvis

The valentine dance is Saturday night and anticipation is running high
Infatuation or true love, only time will know

The day arrives, the time is here, and the ballroom is blooming
With fresh flowers and hearts all aglow

Music made and played for lovers, floats from wall to wall
So very pleasant to hear and soft as a sweet caress

A white sport coat over a shirt of red, a Windsor knot in a pearl white tie
Approaches a beautiful dream in a magnificent crimson red dress

No words were needed as the dance begins
Moving as one the silent, red and white pair glides away

The room was crowded, but they were all alone
Creating memories to cherish, this Valentines’ Day

Mother’s Day at the Zoo

Dennis C. Orvis

We were visiting the Lowry Zoo in Tampa
As I recall in the year 2000 in early spring
I came to the cage of orangutans
There sat a mother holding her baby, a very tiny thing

I’m sure to her it was precious, a gift from nature above
I would say it was orangutan cute, with a face only a mother could love
I smiled to see her holding it tight, in a man-made tree in the air
How fortunate I was that day to get this picture of this loving pair

The Celebration

Dennis C. Orvis

As our beautiful flag softly waves over the crepe myrtle bush
I think of all the wonders of our great land and the freedoms we prize

“One Nation, under God,” so strong, so blessed, envy of the world
In celebration this Fourth of July, tribute to our founders, so wise

Withstanding challenges of oppressors and evil powers through the years
And victorious as the ray of hope for peace for all to see

U.S.A. A world power with no desire to dominate all others
The choice example of what individual freedom should be

I am troubled between pity and disgust and concern about those
Who have goals to remove God and Prayer from public and schools

Denying tradition and foundation of our Nations history
It’s past time for the majority to be heard above fools.

The Halloween Storm
Dennis C. Orvis

The wind is quiet today, though the sun is cool,
It’s sixty-nine, cool when compared to ninety-five only a month ago.
Saying sixty-nine is cool, you know I’m in Florida
Winter is coming. A freak storm on Halloween buried the North with snow.

The destruction was enormous, downed trees and broken limbs
Left over a million people without heat or power
A thousand or more planes were grounded
A Halloween storm so frightening became scarier by the hour

I know the situation well, I lived there years ago
Winter can arrive softly in the night or perilous at any time
My heart feels for those people, some family and friends
I won’t tell them it’s cool here with the temperature at sixty-nine.

An Old Valentine’s Day Card

Dennis C. Orvis

This wonderful card, my dear, you have seen before I’m sure,
Perhaps a time or two
It would be a waste to use it only once, you see

For it says those things my heart believes and I wish
That I could say
It is so true and like you, it means everything to me.

So my dear, on this new Valentine’s day
I offer this old card to you once more
To tell you how I feel, better than
I could ever say

About my love for you through the years,
Ever strong, always true
And sharing with you this old card once again,
On a new Valentine’s Day.

What do I Believe?

Dennis C. Orvis

What do I believe you ask?
Well I believe in a lot of things

I believe the Lord made everything good
From mountains to every bird that sings

I believe He gave the Sun its light
And made the stars to beautify the night

I believe He gave each creature
Something special of its very own

He made the hills and valleys
And the forests for each of them to roam

I believe He did all those things
Which are miracles to you and I

And yet their importance ranks the same to Him
As the whisper of a butterfly

I believe in these and all things that are true
And especially, my love, I believe in you.

Happy Valentine’s Day