Beach Poetry

Dennis C. Orvis

From the third floor condo balcony on this sliver of sand,
Called New Smyrna Beach where the ocean cannot hide.
The wind is blowing inland like a supersonic fan,
And our beautiful flag is shredding on its stationery ride.

The tall flagpole slightly bends with the thirty mile an hour wind,
White waves appear out there from nowhere and race relentlessly to the shore,
Where the beach sand helplessly rides erosion without end
As we wait impatiently for the calmer water we all adore.

The view is awesome, always different, and yet the same.
The noise is thunderous as huge waves express their might,
With Pelicans in daytime formation swooping between white caps like a game.
Where Dolphins, so hard to see, do their fishing in the night.

What magic power pulls us to awesome spots like this?
Can it be the immensity of it all, ever moving, ever new?
The answer doesn’t matter, to be there is a mutual wish.
To spread unrestricted time, absorbing the awesome view.


The Old Shrimper

The Old Shrimper
Dennis C. Orvis

She barely moves as the tide rushes by, racing to the Sea.
The look of neglected anguish, Dockside from which she could not free
Miss Lewis, by name, a debutante so many decades ago.
Old ropes hanging still from high masts, hide tales we’ll never know.
Every iron surface is rusted; the paint is chipped and worn.
The shrimp nets are still hanging, but useless, so badly torn.

The Deck boards warped and twisted, by countless rains and winds,
Her once pretty face is now a disgrace, and won’t drift the ocean again.
Quietly she rocks as the shrimp fleet is heading out to sea.
Remembering the time so well, the best of the leading three.
She dreams of her days as Queen when she was ever great
Now the Old Shrimper can only Dream and hope in sadness wait.

The Darien Georgia Port
Author’s note: The day after I wrote this poem we visited the restored Fort King George, first built in 1721. It was there I learned of a lady named Miss Bessie Lewis. She was a historian and primarily responsible for the discovery of the old fort location and its’ eventual restoration. However, I feel any connection between Miss Bessie Lewis and the old Shrimper, Miss Lewis, is probably coincidental.

The Beautiful Storm

Dennis C. Orvis

The hurricane was aimed at the Carolinas,
And the danger to Florida was past.
But the wild trailing winds of the outer bands
Were giving Flagler Beach a steady blast.

There’s certain beauty in some storms that smiles the eye
As Nature’s forces test one another,
The ocean thrashes below a fanatic sky,
And dawn peeks through like a quizzical mother.

Dawn will not be denied as the thunderous clouds roar,
Pushed by counterclockwise winds out to sea.
No ships can be seen and Pelicans are flying no more
And the morning Sun rays are surfing toward me.

The sand turns golden, sea critters burrow from sight.
Only moments ago the sky tested your nerve,
Now the morning Sun smiles, everything’s all right,
Yes, storms too, have their beauty, in the scary role they serve.


Dennis C. Orvis

Relentlessly, the waves keep rolling towards the sandy beach,
With awesome white caps forming the last hundred yards or so.
Standing in the great Atlantic up to my knees I wait,
To jump the next four-footer and body surf with the flow.

My eyes are tightly closed as the salty water carries me to the shore,
And rolls me on the bottom before it quickly fades away.
Leaving me stranded with the seaweed on the beach,
With a gulp of air I stand, then race back into the cooling spray.

After a few more surfs, I rest in water to my waist,
And scan the beach left and right as far as the eye can see.
People of all shapes perhaps a thousand, I might guess,
With boards and tubes and things that float while beach bikers ride the lee.

How great it is to be here where the water meets the sand,
So different from my Midwestern start where the tall corn delights.
That’s why the graceful Pelicans sailing smoothly through the sky
Excite me as the Music of the Tides play endless days and nights.


The Tranquil Scene

Dennis C. Orvis

Through the beauty of the western sky,
The setting sun caressed my eye
As it was behind the evening clouds, gently downward sliding.

I stared in awe of the fire-like sky,
Above the darken shore where Seagulls cry,
A golden path appeared on the surface we were riding.

I followed with my eyes to the shore,
Behold! A view that many would adore,
Before us, reaching high, is the tallest Cross we’ve ever seen.

Leaning against the boat railing with you,
It was Peace on Earth a moment or two.
Our hands quietly touched and our hearts embraced this Tranquil Scene.


Dennis C. Orvis

Ocean waves are crashing and thrashing on the beach,
Where the mini sand crabs are digging deep to hide.
The wind is blowing strong, howling in the moonless night,
Chasing low hanging clouds where soaring night birds ride.

The sound of the sea, wild and exciting to squinty eyes,
Tireless, the ocean rushes in and then slinks slowly away.
Repeating every few seconds through the night ever so dark,
Leaving Jellyfish and seaweed on wet sand to decay.

It’s the theatre of the ocean performing without end,
Over and over with minor changes now and then.
It is the same play, fascinating all fortunate to see,
With a rush so high, we must return again and again.


Dennis C. Orvis

There’s something extra special about
Walking on the beach,
With you at my side,
Watching the shore birds dancing with the tide,
Holding your hand, my Love, with our hearts within reach.

There’s something extra special about
Walking on wet sand,
With winds gusting by,
Slamming the white caps, blowing foam up high,
With loops and spirals before bursting on land.

There’s something extra special about
Walking on small shells,
Delightful to see,
The shapes and colors, Natures artistry,
And Pelicans in formation gliding through the swells.

There’s something extra special about
Walking here with you,
That something, my Dear,
Is no secret, it’s having you always so near,
Wherever we are is special, like our love, ever new.


The Sun is Late This Morning

Dennis C. Orvis

The Sun is late this morning.
It’s hiding behind a huge, dark bank of clouds, a few miles
East from our shore of sand.
I wonder if it cares how dreary the sky, from our side, before
The storm hits land.
The Sun is late this morning.

It’s watching the rain drench the sea, churning the waves, sending
The tide, rushing at me.
Scattering the clouds across the sky, creating
Mystical forms for all to see.
The Sun is late this morning.

The tide is high, furious and racing the storm
That will try to spoil my hours,
But the rain will clean the air, nourish things green and
The pretty waiting flowers.
The Sun is late this morning.


Dennis C. Orvis

The sound of the waves is like nothing I know.
Seemingly endless as they charge the beach.
The waves are huge as the tide repeats its’ flow.
And I hurry to escape the waters reach.

“Why are you so angry?” I question the sea.
As the waves steal sand from our favorite shore.
The sea gives no answers, ignoring my plea.
Returning again and again to steal some more.

Dark clouds are gathering where the ships usually glide.
And rain banks moving my way give cause for concerns.
Though pelicans are unfettered on their low-soaring ride.
Unlike the amazing antics of rapid flying terns.

Now the rain is upon me, there’s no place to hide.
I’ll be soaked to my skin on this gloomy beach day.
A bolt of lightning warns, “Go quickly inside!”
My better judgment agrees, I dare not stay.

The ocean beach like a magnet pulls steady on our heart.
Our memories are many, adding new ones each time.
When angry seas turn peaceful, wonderful times will impart.
And the beach will delight us again like rare vintage wine.


Where the Dolphins Play
Dennis C. Orvis

The ocean waves look friendly,
There’s a calmness on the sea today.
Between the divided waves, it’s smooth,
Where the dolphins play.

The shore birds are plentiful,
Seeking food as they scurry away.
And tasty small fish swim for their life,
Where the dolphins play.

Colorful surfboards with youthful riders,
Glide through the waters’ spray.
And those that fall chase their empty boards,
Where the dolphins play.

What a thrill it is to share,
The beach this glorious summer day,
With you, pelicans and fast flying birds,
Where the dolphins play.


The Pending Storm

The Pending Storm
Dennis C. Orvis

The pending storm was moving to squeeze the sunset out of the sky,
A few white helpless clouds were fading with no place to go
Low and rain filled, multi-colored blue clouds race by
And the old fisherman starts the motor as the wind begins to blow

The fast moving storm caught him fishing near the opposite shore
He reeled in his lines, feeling light moisture in the air
He aimed his boat dead into the wind; the small motor gave a roar
It seemed the boat was hardly moving, now the storm is here

The sunset was still a small ribbon of gold he could see
While the rain began to fall as the mooring dock came into view
His wife in the bow of the boat was looking anxiously
They fished and got wet together and tomorrow they start anew.

Written in memory of an old friend

The Attraction of the Sea

The Attraction of the Sea
Dennis C. Orvis

The wind is still, the sea is calm and the sailboats rock gently,
as the tide moves away

A black-headed seagull glides through the light blue sky behind
sheer clouds of gray

For many the attraction of the sea is strong, often a lifelong dream

But for most, nearly all, a ten-day cruise, at best, the only answer
to their dream.


The Tide
Dennis C. Orvis

The Tide! I hear it. It’s coming in!
From where? I don’t know. Don’t ask me.
And now the tide is going out.
To where? I don’t know. Don’t ask me.


Sunrise Beauty

Sunrise Beauty
Dennis C. Orvis

It’s early morning at the noisy beach,
The darkness of night is being replaced,
By a light blue sky with thin horizontal
Lines of pink.
Hidden in the low-hanging blue-gray clouds
Where the sea birds race
And now about eye-level the morning sun peeks
Through with a brief shiny wink.

The tidal waves are singing their monotonous
Song to the sandy shore
While a lonely pelican glides between
Them in his breakfast quest
Followed soon in formation a line of five,
And there will be many more
High above, the picture fills with a
Half dozen ducks, quickly flying west.

This beautiful picture is ever changing
As the morning ticks by
The sun has raised above the clouds
Adding long shadows to the stately palm trees
And the tidal waves keep singing while
The picture pleases the eye
The orchestrial beauty keeps changing
As nature adds a tender breeze.

Within an hour, the beautiful sunrise
Event faded into summers’ whim
The high sky riding sun begins
Its’ job heating up the sky
This beauty is quickly forgotten as
We hit the beach for a swim
And tomorrow, God willing, we’ll see
Another great sunrise over the bay.


The Ocean
Dennis C. Orvis

As the salty air from the ocean blows across the sandy shore
And the steady onslaught of countless waves creates a toneless roar
My eyes are drawn to the horizon, how far I could not know
And I wonder about what mysteries might be lurking far below

There are a few sea birds flying in the cloudy contentious sky
But no other life is visible to the searching eye
Though it’s home for many creatures discovered through the age
And new ones will be added as science and nature engage

I wonder too what treasures lay resting on ancient sand
In the black depths of ocean floor, hidden out of reach of man
From sunken galleons destroyed by hurricanes on raging seas
That vanished without confirmation through centuries of mysteries.

As the salty air from the ocean blows across the sandy shore
And the steady onslaught of countless waves creates a toneless roar
Nothing on the surface offers a clue to what is below
But I’m sure there are creatures and treasures about which we may never know.


Waiting for Morning
Dennis C. Orvis

The early sky is showing a ribbon of lavender in the east
It is dark still, immediately left and behind me.
From the eighth floor balcony of this resort hotel
Overlooking the beautiful bay, a light breeze is blowing softly

The lavender ribbon grows upwards small clouds appear
While the lavender tint is extending, small islands come into view
Now the many scattered cottony clouds add a pinkish tinge
Telling me the sunrise is on its way, soon the day will be new

It’s time the shore birds and sea birds are beginning to take wing
I saw several brown pelicans and sea gulls flying by
Great white egrets from the nearest island, flying past my line of sight
As the sky gets brighter, a manatee and her calf catch my eye

Long-necked anhinges from nowhere suddenly land on the “no wake” sign
While a pair of dolphin surfaced with arched backs
And disappeared too fast for a photo this time
The first glimpse of the morning sun I can see between the cloudless cracks

The sun keeps slowly rising but not round as we might expect
It’s partly hidden by a cloud and momentarily looks flat on top
It lasts only for a moment as it climbs the eastern sky
And blankets the world around me where the show of nature never stops

My wait for morning is over. How wonderful! The new day is here.
And the beauty all around me is awesome for anyone to see
It reminds me that everyday is special for the lucky to enjoy
And as I watch my world and its’ creatures, I know the
luckiest one is me.


Dennis. C. Orvis

The colorful sail strains as the brisk wind pushes us across the bluish water,
The guide is taught as together we hang over the lower side,
The single mast bends, leaning with the boat, knifing through the choppy waves
The water splashes over us as we yell and cheer. What a ride! What a ride!

Wind Surfing
Dennis C. Orvis

The tide is in and the white-capped waves are five or six feet high
Suddenly from my left where a condominium blocks my view
A huge colored kite, quarter-moon shaped, appears in the sky
Tethered by controls to a surfer, racing across the salty blue

How exciting windsurfing must be. How thrilling I am sure.
He is skimming across the water jumping the waves shoulder high, row after row.
Controlling the kite capturing the wind while sticking to the board
I grew up far from the ocean. I am sure windsurfing I would never go.


The Sandpipers
Dennis C. Orvis

Fascinating little birds, the Sandpipers are
With legs like stilts, ten or twelve inches high
Chasing the waves as the water recedes
Sticking their beaks in the sand with a blink of an eye

What’s there, I wonder? How do they know?
Is it a mini sand crab or a bug of some kind?
Darting here, darting there, how erratic they can move
Like a dozen Charlie Chaplin’s, the picture in my mind.

Racing in, racing out as the tide moves about
What pleasure they provide, running quickly with the tide
Dashing to and dashing fro, players in Nature’s special show
Abruptly they lift off and fly, to fascinate another’s eye.


Portraits of Morning

Portraits of Morning
Dennis C. Orvis

The sky was lavender pink
Just before the sun would rise into view
And when it changed to pink orange
I was sure the sunrise would please my eye

The sunrise began as an orange red
Dome peeking above the rim
Adorning its normal yellow dress
As it continued to climb higher

The few puffy clouds in the sky changed
Colors selected by the sun
Every few seconds I could see
A different masterpiece of beauty

How peaceful to watch nature paint portraits
Of morning before the sunrise is new
Of course, for those dark and rainy days
It’s a pity we cannot save a few


A Moment on the Beach
Dennis C. Orvis

As the morning sun slowly started its climb through the horizon
Above the gentle ocean waves, searching the shore of sand

The peaceful melody played by the waves and birds of the sea
Quietly, two young hearts enjoyed the new day hand in hand

In a setting only nature could create and provide
The young man, on one knee surprised the lady’s heart

By asking her to be his loving wife
And join his pledge to never be apart

She answered yes with a heart full of love
Her eyes matching dawns exciting beauty

And then the two hearts on the beach were
Engulfed in the moment by the sunrise and the sea


The Beach
Dennis C. Orvis

There is music on the beach this morning
As nature sings with waves and gulls
The rising sun peeks through the thick fog-like haze
Far out above the water blue

The tide’s out and the beach is as wide
As an eight-lane highway in L.A.
Returning waves with seaweed bunches
And scattered jellyfish clutter the view

Early walkers look for new shells
Delivered by the ocean through the night
Fishermen are moving toward the beach
To begin casting into the waves

From a spot they feel is lucky but frankly
It all looks the same to me
With every hour more people arrive to the beach
It is a magnetic craze.


The Waves Just Keep Coming
Dennis C. Orvis

So I said to Mr. Wigger
Every third wave is bigger

As we waited for the sunrise
To crepe above the rim

And the waves just keep coming
Keep coming, keep coming
And the waves just keep coming.

“Never gave it a thought,” he said
“My concern is naught,” he said’’

“I’m just here to watch the skies,
The morning is barely dim.”

And the waves just keep coming
Keep coming, keep coming
And the waves just keep coming

Now we see the sky is turning
Early rays have started burning

The rim now has a gold trimmed border
See the rays spraying into fluffy clouds

And the waves just keep coming
Keep coming, keep coming
And the waves just keep coming

Oh such beauty, the sun breaks through
A great sunrise supreme, a great day anew

Simply wonderful, a fulfilled order
Ever colorful, a pink and orange shroud

And the waves just keep coming
Keep coming, keep coming
And the waves just keep coming.


The Sea View
Dennis C. Orvis

I’m sitting in the dark with a fresh cup of coffee on the stand
I can hear the ocean waves crashing on the beach of Florida sand

It’s pre-dawn and maybe thirty minutes before any light to see
Looking through the glass balcony doors from my vantage on level three

On this cool October morning, it’s still night outside
The yard lights are blackened toward the ocean so hatching turtles won’t be confused

When they race to the water and seaweed where they can hide
The odds against survival are enormous; ninety-nine of a hundred undoubtedly will lose

But the yard lights do shine on Old Glory; I can see the wind is blowing
I can see the stripes and the field of blue, but the stars not yet are showing

It’s only minutes now before the darkness will fade
And gradually the horizon will start a colorful parade

There it is now! How fast the morning moves.
I see the white caps, separated by watery grooves

And a line of pelicans overhead, gliding in the wind
Searching for a fish breakfast, they’ll be back again

The sunrise is now growing, the golden yellow appears
The same today as it has always been through countless years

It’s a repeat show every morning, but different in intriguing ways
It’s a joy I hope to experience for many countless days

The tide is in, crashing against the wall,
Bringing new shells for the beachcombers to claim
Morning is here! A wonderful new day for all.
What a joy to remember, I’ll never be the same.


My Date with the Sunrise
Dennis C. Orvis

I had a date with the sunrise
She warned me not to be late

I’m sorry to say I was once.
True to her word, she didn’t wait.

Meet me at seven twenty-seven.
I am there waiting at seven o’ two

The sky changes to announce her arrival
Giving me a spectacular view

Oh, oh, look now, here it comes
See the pink clouds, lavender, too

Oh, wow! Holy Cow! Her she comes.
See the golden ball pushing into the blue

Beautiful, Beautiful, sunrise!
What a wonderful, gorgeous date.

A memory to forever treasure
Rewarded well for not being late.


Morning Shades of Gray
Dennis C. Orvis

Looking from this third floor balcony, I’m soaking up the view
I am thinking, the word spectacular quietly comes to mind

White-capped waves are singing their steady levels of roar
While the pelicans fly by, searching ill-fated fish to find

It’s six forty-two in the morning; the sky is wrapped with clouds
That drifted in during the night to fulfill forecasted rain

And billowed and floating in rows of different shades of gray
Oh how they hide the sunrise debut that cannot repeat again

Here comes the blowing, swirling rain, plans will be spoiled and changed
It’s going to be a dreary day, its colorless one might say

I know we need it, but does it have to rain on my parade?
It’s gloomy; I am too, while I watch those morning shades of gray.


The Color of a Sunrise
Dennis C. Orvis

I believe every sunrise is different, although this might be hard to accept
I’ve seen many, watching the Atlantic blue from the sandy beach, so fabulous and yet

Florida’s sunny days can be envious; the weather also has a role to play
So chances are great for a super sunrise and surely followed by a wonderful day

I invite you to meet me early tomorrow and I’ll show you a terrific surprise
Thirty minutes before the magic moment, the promise of Nature’s artistry, a colorful sunrise

Look, see the horizon in the east dark blue,
Watch it slowly changing; now it’s a lighter hue

The low sky is changing to lavender now
Gradually turning to pink and it’s a pretty wow!

We then watch the pink turn to flaming red
Sailors warning will there be rough seas ahead?

Rising, rising, the colors rising, turning once more
From pink to red to orange, burn higher in the sky

And now the final change, the orange is fading
To a huge yellow ball with clouds all parading by

Well, there my friends, that’s the best I can do
It’s impossible, perhaps to describe a sunrise

But you know I have tried to share it with you
Still I say, get up early, be prepared for a great surprise.


Listen to the Sounds of Morning
Dennis C. Orvis

The ocean is rather calm today
As the morning tide pushes toward the land

Listen to the morning as it begins
Hear the small waves rolling on the sand

An osprey cries to his mate about
The school of fish he has found

And then the seagulls move in bringing
Their squawking, annoying sound

While a mockingbird in the Palm starts singing
His many splendid, impressive songs

As the sunrise paints a beautiful scene
Our grandfather clock is striking six one-time gongs

Morning’s here! Can you hear it all around?
Listen to the morning and its wonderful parade of sound.


The Beautiful Sunrise
Dennis C. Orvis

From the sandy beach I watch the morning’s bluish sky begin to change
The shore birds are scurrying as if playing games with the gentle wave

A low flying line of five pelicans sailed by, searching for a school of fish
And a bank of clouds turning pink, a picture one has to save

As the minutes ticked by several egrets and seagulls entered the scene
A few golden rays shot skyward, giving low clouds a golden trim

Huge excitement of being here while a pending sunrise is growing
A bright flame is appearing in my lens, a new day will soon begin

The tiny bright flame is now peeking through the horizon clouds
It’s growing by the second, every picture seems surreal

A sunrise is evolving to the delight of eager eyes
The new sun, a glowing half, has beauty one can feel

As the clouds turn pink, lavender, orange and yellow
The sun keeps climbing toward its regal position in the sky

It’s now becoming too bright, too strong to look at
But the sunrise pictures I’ve captured will always bring pleasure to one’s eye


Wally, the Whale
Dennis C. Orvis

Wally the whale was swimming free,
In the great ocean, the salty sea

How he loved it swimming everywhere
Always friendly, without a care

One day while swimming in the North Sea
He encountered some lobster trap lines he didn’t see

He rolled and pulled trying to get fear free
The lines, heavy ropes made Wally sad and weary

He stopped pulling to rest before one last try
He was so exhausted, now afraid he could die

After resting a while he gave one mighty gasp
He made his huge tail move really hard and fast

The ropes stretched tight, he could not get loose
They knotted heavily around him, like pulling a caboose

They bound him tight sapping his power
His energy was dropping more every hour

He worked his way to the surface, badly needing some air
Luckily a boat was passing by there

Some sailors spotted Wally and lowered boats quite small
With a few sailors in each on a mayday call

Wally hoped their interest was to cut him free
As they rowed closer, he waited patiently

They saw his big eye check them out
As they pulled on the oars to “come about”

The sailors entered the water with long knives drawn
He could feel the ropes; hear the knives sawin’

“ZING!” the noise as one rope cut in two
The sailors, maybe four, cutting in the cold, deep blue

“ZING!!” went another and Wally felt the line release
Then another and another, he could move now with ease

“ZING!” with a sailors’ yell and the last hemp chain let go
Wally was free; he circled the sailor’s boats with his eyes aglow

The sailors pulled the rope pieces and gathered a lobster cage
Only guessing the great fight the young whale did wage

Rowing hard their small boats back to their ship
They were cold, wet and shaking while holding their grip

But so proud of themselves, giving the whale a most happy day
Wally circled their ship, blew a tall spout and then swam away.

He knew his life could have ended without their unselfish concern
“There are good creatures, large and small,” he thought, “expecting nothing in return.”


Deep Blue Questions
Dennis C. Orvis

Why do the waves always come in?

Don’t they ever go out?

Where do the fish go to sleep?

What do the smallest, little fish eat?

Where do the white caps appear and start?

Do you think a shark has a heart?

Questions, smeshtions, they never end.

Answers? Maybe, but not here my friend.


All Alone

All Alone
Dennis C. Orvis

I am sitting on this old, weathered bench, looking east through the darkness before dawn
I see distant clouds in huge rows like turned hay in a Midwest field

Some look darker, full of rain, waiting for a place to fall
The worriers will be concerned over how much rain they will or will not yield

The early wind is coolish, coming off the water giving me a slight chill
A quick thought of my jacket, still hanging by the door in haste, I passed it by

Those little things are important reminders, bigger when you’re all alone
This thought too, is lost when the darkness fades to a lighter blue sky

I searched the beach north and south, it’s empty except for me to meet the sunrise
I hear the waves as they crash on the beach with a rhythmical sounding groan

Then the first brilliant orange light, breaks through a small crevasse, the sunrise explodes
Changing by the second with unstoppable beauty just for me, all alone


The Pelicans
Dennis C. Orvis

I watched a flock of pelicans with their wide wings slowly flapping
Fifteen or twenty feet above the salty water, searching for a meal of slippery fish
The last pelican in line, peeled low, I watched to see what was happening
He hit the water with a spraying splash; to catch his dinner is his wish.

He popped to the top and sat there bobbing on the ocean blue
The prey he missed was swimming free and he was as hungry as could be
Meanwhile the other pelicans curled back to see if the fish had friends
What they saw was a school of shiny fish and one by one they plunged into the sea

It was impossible to see in the splashing if any meals were caught
The pelicans were moving all about; in a flurry of activity
Then one by one they lifted off, heading north along the sandy shore
Pelicans I need to tell you never smile, but there was one though, that flew by
And winked at me!


Early Morning Thrill

Early Morning Thrill
Dennis C. Orvis

I got up early this morning. It was my first night on the beach.
I didn’t want to miss the sunrise in the eastern sky.

The night has moved on and the day is turning lighter
There’s a distant cloud bank, the sun will start rather high

Look there! The clouds are getting a tinge of red
I know the sunrise is on the way and it will move very fast

I see it! I see the very tip of a red-orange glow peeking through
And it rapidly grows to a beautiful color that will not last

Oh what a picture! Constantly changing every second, a moving sun
And the shining red ball races on its journey through the morning sky.


The Seaside Storm

The Seaside Storm
Dennis C. Orvis

A mighty storm is raging, abnormal waves are thrashing against the sand
There is only peril on the sea, forcing fishermen and sailors to remain on land

While the wind violently flies the flag and the halyard bangs the metal pole
Thunder booms and echoes across the sky, lightning flares against the darkness chills

And my nerves are on edge hiding from stormy thrills

The rain is falling sideways soaking everything in sight
No birds are flying and I wonder where they might be

The big storm affects all in its dangerous path
Except those creatures playing in the deep blue sea

While the wind violently flies the flag and the halyard bangs the metal pole
Thunder booms and echoes across the sky, lightning flares against the darkness chills

And my nerves are on edge hiding from stormy thrills.


The Storming Morning
Dennis C. Orvis

The morning Sun, like a ball of fire rises above the stormy clouds
The wild ocean waves unable to reach the flames, takes vengeance on the sand

Sending jellyfish and seaweed sprawling on the beach, some to dry, some to wash away
While the white caps foam waiting their turn to charge the land

In time the storm will end and the Sun will cast its light for another day
The ocean will chase its furious ride until the wind becomes a gentle breeze

Then the birds will return, soaring the sky, aerial to eat and play
After the storm passes, the bright sun will smile and sail across the sky with ease.


The Seaside Symphony
Dennis C. Orvis

The eastern sky is getting lighter, waiting for the sun to peek over the rim
A few gray far away clouds are slowly turning to a tinge of red

Between the thunderous roar of the relentless tide
The long legged little shore birds, shriek as they race ahead

While seagulls squawk, slicing through the air
The quarter-sized sand crabs scurry from hole to hole

In life threatening unending crises that they must endure
From gulls that will catch and eat them until their bellies are full

It’s a symphony without end though the melody changes
With the weather as storms on land or sea dictate

And the players too, change according to their special skills
Together its seaside music, a symphony only nature can create


The Passing Early Morning Storm

The Passing Early Morning Storm
Dennis C. Orvis

As the early morning sun fights to take its place
It begins to break through the huge, dark, swirling clouds
The noisy storm pushing south, driven by powerful, unrelenting wind
Reveals the waves of an angry sea as the departing storm removes its shroud

How fierce the sea, threatening any living thing hiding near
Defiant in its refusal to allow the return of needed calm
The sun fights to go higher and higher, ever pushing
Knowing full well the storm will fade and the sea will quiet as it moves along

And now the sky glows brighter as the new sunlight, dances on the waves
The purple clouds are turning a pretty blue and we watch the departing storm subside
The seagulls are flying once again, and pelicans begin their low flying search
The distant storm has lost its thunder; the sea will soon display a smooth rhythmic tide


A New Day

A New Day
Dennis C. Orvis

Hey! You in there! Wake up! I’ve got for you a surprise
Look over here! Look out the window! It’s me; I’m your new sunrise!

How do you like my colors? Some days they are hard to do
I’ve made these so special and I made them just for you!

It’s a new day and I’m shining just for you!


One Cloudy Morning
Dennis C. Orvis

The clouds are as thick as a blizzard in Wyoming
Hanging low, covering the entire blue sky

The waves are laughing loudly, stealing
Sand from the beach
While the sunrise impatiently waits to get by

“Get out of the way, it’s my time” it cried.
“I’m needed to brighten the day”

But the waves roared on
And the thick, grayish clouds have no plans to go away

“I’m late,” the sunrise threatened again!
“There are things I am expected to do.”

But the ocean waves danced and thundered the beach.
While the sunrise tried to squeeze through.

Slowly a touch of pink appears
Coloring small clouds in its way

You can hide the sunrise, but never stop the sun
It is needed to make everyone’s day.


Through the Rain
Dennis C. Orvis

Through the rain, the waves continue their boisterous roaring
Though flying birds seem to be rare

Limited to an occasional seagull
Squawking is muffled in the dampened air

I haven’t seen a pelican since the rain moved in
Perhaps a bird so large gets heavier when wet

Or maybe in a storm the fish they eat dive too deep
And for the pelicans, there’s no catch to get


First on the Beach
Dennis C. Orvis

It’s early morning; the eastern sky is beginning to get lighter
The sandy beach is very wide as the ocean reaches its lowest tide
And I am first to walk the unblemished sand

I feel a sense of joy and anticipation there might be new shells washed ashore
Shells of great color or design I’ll be extremely pleased to call mine
Suddenly from nowhere a flock of shore birds chatter loudly and land

I continue walking as they flit from place to place
They all move together like they’re connected with a tether
And I can only wonder how they do it with such rapid grace

Hey! What’s that? I see something ahead of me lying on the sand
Wow! It’s a bottle; I run to it, picked it up; it’s the oldest I have ever seen
It has a cork stuck deep in the bottle’s neck; I cannot remove it by hand

I cannot see through the dark glass
I wonder if there is anything inside

This is a time when the mind races
Over experience or knowledge of other cases

There are many secrets but only a few
Are ever revealed by the never ending tide.


The little old dark bottle
Dennis C. Orvis

I found a little dark bottle on the beach carried in by the tide
The cork was stuck deep in the neck; I couldn’t see what was inside
I tried quite hard to remove the cork, but I only pushed it deeper
I’ll tell you if I would have said I didn’t care, I would have lied

I took the little old bottle home and cleaned it; I needed special tools
It took me a while but I finally got the cork out ok
And then with a hooked wire I worked a piece of paper out through the top
I was excited then I read an old weathered note that said, “Have a nice day.”


Freedom's Light

Freedom’s Light
Dennis C. Orvis

I watched the cold, September rain move across the waves
Until it captured the sandy beach and everything in its way

And then I saw this faint rainbow peeking through the gloomy air
Creating this great picture and with pride it made my day.


The Beautiful Stormy Morning

The Beautiful Stormy Morning
Dennis C. Orvis

Hello, morning! How beautiful you are today
I’m in awe as your gold fills the sky
And bounces on the waves below

Wait, wait now, we don’t want you to rush away
You are so beautiful and wonderful,
We love you, please don’t go.


The Portrait of Morning

The Portrait of Morning
Dennis C. Orvis

There have been many great painters,
But only a few are Masters
That can inspire us with their magic touch

And so very few that can capture a special sunrise
But none can equal Nature’s view like this
That we love so much.


York Beach, Maine

York Beach, Maine
Dennis C. Orvis

As the dingy and cloudy day reminds us fall is fading
While the Atlantic water off the beautiful, rocky coast is turning cool

We see wonderful pictures that only nature can create
And dream of Maine’s lobsters and the old lobstermen they try to fool

Those memories we have stored and can enjoy again and again
Until we return with family and friends for new fun times once more

After winter plays its role and spring does its spectacular thing
The beauty of summer will explode our senses with the view of York Beach shore


A Special Place

A Special Place
Dennis C. Orvis

I found a special place today, one that satisfies the mind,
Where thoughts can get lost or renewed whatever the eyes might show.
Looking through the brown, slender sea grasses, green vine
runners are seen weaving around those stems where they grow.

A few dozen unattractive black shells lay scattered, some are
hinged and I wonder how they arrived where they lay.
Were they bait of a fisherman or food for a flock of gulls, or did they
ride a high tide on a wild and windy day.

I can hear the ocean calling me beyond the whitish colored sand,
smoothed by a receding high tide still unspoiled by beachers at play
And the gentle white caps roll upon the beach as if an unseen hand
is molding and guiding them today.

As I scan the endless water with its special color of blue;
challenged by the beauty of the summers cloudless sky.
One could easily be overwhelmed by great thoughts or none at all
for this special place offers such inspiration one need not question why.

Note: this wonderful beach picture was taken by my granddaughter. It can be found at


Wild and Wonderful
Dennis C. Orvis

The ocean wildly churns as the storm passes by
Waves covered with white like the
Mouth of a vicious, mad dog

The miniature water birds race in each time the waves recede
Chasing and grabbing every living thing left a jog

It’s wild and wonderful, nature’s seaside show
Exposed for all to see by the fading, departing fog.


Sailing into the Sunset

Sailing into the Sunset
Dennis C. Orvis

On the west coast of Florida at one of its famous beaches
How quiet it is. The sun is sliding down through the reddish yellow sky

An overloaded sailboat is sailing past, pushed by a soft evening breeze
So peaceful. It could not be better unless the boat held only you and I.